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Where to find English-language news in Copenhagen

Here is where to get information on what is going on at your university, in Copenhagen, and with Denmark

The University Post covers university-related news for students and staff at the University of Copenhagen. But where do you go for general news from Denmark in English? Here are a few sources, so you can stay up-to-date.

The Copenhagen Post

Founded way back in 1997, the Copenhagen Post, offers a comprehensive English-language coverage of Copenhagen and Danish events.

The Copenhagen Post

Studenterhuset’s ‘StudyCPH’

Written by international student contributers, Studenterhuset’s StudyCPH is a platform where international students coming to University of Copenhagen (UCPH) can read insights from their peers through an interactive, uncensored blogging platform. Students are encouraged to share frustrations, anecdotes and advice and answer questions.

The Murmur

The Murmur is a newspaper released each month about Danish politics, culture and society. The newspaper aims to provide high quality, thoughtful journalism as an alternative to the many online news sources. Readers are both Danish and international, and by providing an English news source about the intricacies of Danish politics and life, the newspaper hopes to connect Danes and non-Danes and promote citizenship and integration.

The Local

The Local is an online site, reporting daily on the news from around Europe, while reports on news specific to Denmark. The aim of the site is to capture the essence of news in a particular country, in order to break down boundaries and connect people with different backgrounds and nationalities. Covering news, business and features, The Local is Europe’s largest English-language news source, with over four million unique readers each month.

7:59 – Danish news today

If you are an institution, a company or an embassy, this subscription-only service offers daily English translations of Danish news articles, check out Each morning, Monday through Friday, the site publishes English versions of the top news stories affecting Denmark that were originally published in Danish, as a way to connect non-Danish speakers with the relevant news in the country.

Do you know of any other good places to find English-language news that haven’t been mentioned? Please share!

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