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Wife of Copenhagen-researcher to set up theatre

University of Copenhagen spouse to give Malmö a new international theatre

A three month-long job hunt had resulted in no job interviews but a lot of rejected applications and letters saying that she was over-qualified for the job. But Emmy Abrahamson (33) a Polish-Swede who has not lived in Sweden for 25 years, did not give up.

She is building up an international theatre in neighbouring Malmö in Sweden. First show will be early 2010.

She is now busy reading manuscripts, meeting actors, looking for stages, and applying for funding.

Found a gap

»The first thing I did was to Google-search ‘international theatre in Malmö’, as I was looking for people that I can relate to. But I did not find any,« she says.

With a theatre background as an actor, drama teacher and scriptwriter, Emmy already had a career before following her Canadian husband to Copenhagen.

An international spouse meeting in September, inspired her to do something about her situation.

With no available jobs, Emmy created her own:

»I just came to a stage where I was ready to create something of my own, and I found a gap in the market. With Malmö in the cultural shadow of Stockholm and Copenhagen, I felt that an international theatre is the right thing to do here.«

No regrets

As it is now the theatre has no permanent address, but Emmy is to have her own theatre space with a permanent ensemble and an academy.

»The sky is the limit«, she points out, and encourages other spouses to follow her example.

»Starting your own thing is without a doubt the most empowering thing I have ever done. I would recommend other spouses to start their own and realize their dreams. It is now you have the time on your hands to think of what you can achieve. It is the first time for me to start something like this – and I love it,« she says.

Emmy is not afraid of failing:

»When I die, I don’t want to have any regrets. Doing this I can say I wasn’t a coward. On their death bed nobody ever says to themselves: ‘I wish I had watched more TV’«.