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Will I be fired? UCPH staff get timetable for February dismissal

Affected staff will be informed between 9 and 11 February at the latest. releases layoff procedure

Staff have been able to submit applications for voluntary redundancy, and the University of Copenhagen management is now deciding which members of staff are to be laid off, reports.

University of Copenhagen employees have been under the shadow of an announced upcoming round of layoffs ever since the Danish government announced cuts to universities’ research and education last year. The University has named 2016 a ‘transitional year’, with select groups of staff and activities to be dismissed.

Now the feared dismissal notices are coming closer, and the timetable gives more detail about the process: “In the minimisation phase it was possible to apply for voluntary redundancy, while management investigated potential savings other than payroll. In the decision/selection phase, all managers at UCPH will now take a look at the results and make some heavy decisions,” says the notice on

Preparing for ‘the day’

Decisions “will be closely linked to an assessment of which tasks will no longer be solved in the department. The decisions will therefore be coordinated across the university at regular management meetings,” the notice says.

The notice gives more details as to the timetable of the dismissals.

“In the days between 29 January and 2 February, management will inform local collaboration committees about the result. How many voluntary redundancy agreements have been concluded? How many positions have been shed? And how many will it be necessary to recommend for dismissal? In continuation of these meetings, managers will inform the employees in their units accordingly,” the notice says.

Which day to be communicated

The affected staff will be informed, and letters with a notice of dismissal will be handed out, between 9 and 11 February. Which of these days is to be ‘the day’ will be communicated to staff beforehand by their respective managers.

There is more information on the cuts and the important dates on the budget 2016 page (needs log-in).

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