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Work in one country, PhD in another

EU gets new Danish scheme for cross-border industry PhDs

Working simultaneously as a PhD student and industrial researcher in a private corporation grants students insights into both the private and the academic world. This is according to the International Herald Tribune.

The scheme has worked in Denmark since the 70s, and now the rest of Europe will also benefit, the paper writes.

The new programme for European Industrial Doctorates (Erhvervs PhD) will be available to students from september 2012, as the European Parliament has passed the Commission’s initiative.

Work one place, study another

An extra feature of the initiative is that PhDs are no longer tied to one country.

»The program provides funds for students to work in one country while enrolled as a doctoral student at a university in another.« wrote the International Herald Tribune in April.

Morten Løkkegaard is a Danish member of the European Parliament and originally proposed widening the programme to the entire EU.

Need to take on China

»A lot of people told me from the beginning that it was impossible to get the EU to adopt the Danish Industrial PhD. Many countries dig their heels in as soon as you say ‘university’ and ‘industry’ in the same sentence.« says Morten Løkkegaard.

»We need to find out how to make us competitive with China and India in the future – and the industrial PhD is a unique opportunity.« explains Morten Løkkegaard.

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