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Worker's Day full of drunken revelry

In Denmark, International Worker's Day is an interesting mix of politics and beers

Every year, Danes gather in Fælledparken, Østerbro, to celebrate the first of May, also known as International Worker’s Day.

This left-wing political holiday is supposed to be grounded in solidarity, activism, and the economic and social achievements of workers.

However, strolling through Fælledparken it seemed as if the holiday may have lost its roots.

Politics and beer

Instead of blue-collared workers, the majority of the crowd was comprised of drunken teenagers and university-aged students. The can-collectors must have made a fortune off the cans strewn haphazardly around the park.

However, there were still many flags flying from various political organisations, parties and unions.

What drew people out is another question. Was it the idea of an ice-cold beer under the sun with friends? Or the feeling of being a part of political progress?

See our photo story from the event here

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