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Works best at the office

Omar Faruk shares an office with a fellow PhD student. The designated workspace helps him concentrate

Omar Faruk Miazi, a PhD student from Bangladesh, spends a typical day in a sparsely decorated, quiet office at the Department of Large Animal Sciences in Life Sciences’ Frederiksberg campus.

»I prefer working at the office, to working at home. At the office you have to work,« he explains.

His preference is in line with the trend for PhDs in experimental, ‘lab’ sciences in the University Post’s PhD work survey.

His research within the field of population biology currently does not entail much lab work. But he uses his office, as it offers fewer distractions than sitting at home, even though Omar doesn’t have the space all to himself.

»I share the office with Inez, who is from Portugal,« he says, adding that »we often talk and have lunch together with the other PhD students in the building.«

Working at the office has a built-in benefit.

»If I run in to a problem, I can always talk it over with my supervisor, who has an office right next to mine.« says Omar, with a smile.

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