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Like where you live? Like to write? Want to share your experience with the University Post readers? We are looking for students to write about their student housing

Tietgen’s is the fanciest, Øresundskollegiet is the largest, Tingbjerg has a bad reputation and who even knows about Kunstnerkollegiet? The dormitories of Copenhagen comes in all sizes and shapes, and all price ranges and facility levels. They all have unique traits and individual atmospheres. And the University Post wants to know all about it.

We are looking for students to write reviews about their student housing. Tell us about your room, facilities and location but also about your fellow residents, your parties and your everyday life.

How it works

Send us an email at with your name, field of study, age, nationality and where you live.

You will then receive a template where we ask for basic information, such as room size, shared facilities, convenience etc. Then its time to get creative and describe your experience of living in your dormitory, whats it like, who are you living with, how life on a day to day basis.

Once the review is in place, we will send a photographer to take pictures of the dormitory. After that, you review is ready to be published.

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