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Xmas Video Countdown - Parts of the city

23 days to Christmas. One student video each day, until Christmas Eve 24 December. Our home-made Advent video calendar is courtesy of film and media students at the University of Copenhagen

Our Christmas countdown starts with a video about Copenhagen. Whether you are still living here or preparing to come, it is never too late (or too early) to discover more things or places to explore in all four main areas of Copenhagen: Vesterbro, Østerbro, Nørrebro and Inner City (Indre By).

Each neighbourhood has its own pulse and vibe. Vesterbro is the trendy area (beware of all those hipsters!), Østerbro is the rich and quiet neighbourhood, Nørrebro is the place to go if you want a multicultural experience, and the Inner City is the more touristic, commercial area. Each of them is introduced by a Dane living there. And don’t worry, it all comes with subtitles!

[video: width:432 height:324 align:center]

The credits point to Sandra Maria Winther, Roar Harlang and Marc Hono (or Honoré) as the authors of the work.

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