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Young Europeans struck down by unemployment

One out of every five under the age of 25 don't have jobs

The global economic crisis has hit young Europeans hard. It is a human tragedy, according to Professor Jesper Rangvid of the Cobenhagen Business School in Danish newspaper Politiken:

»It is a huge challenge. It will be years before we see a drop in unemployment. Countries will lose out on knowledge and experience, when a large part of a generation never gets to join the workforce.« says Jesper Rangvid.

And the future looks bleak for young people who risk being marked for life by the ordeal of the global crisis.

Half are unemployed in Spain

»Even if they get work they will receive lower wages and have a higher risk of becoming unemployed again.« says Professor Per Kongshøj Madsen of Aalborg University to Politiken.

Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy are the worst hit, but the trend is also felt in countries like Sweden and Denmark.

In Spain half of all young people under 25 are unemployed and there is no sign of positive change.

Risk of mass emigration

Throughout southern Europe young people show their frustration with demonstrations in the streets.

Unemployment and the harsh economic austerity measures may lead many young Greeks to leave the country, says the editor of the Greek newspaper Kathimerinis, Nick Malkoutzis:

»There is a risk that many young Greeks will leave, leaving a hole in the middle of the country, just when it needs their energy to change Greek society.«, Malkoutzis says.

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