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Your guide to Culture Night 2015

What to see, and where to go, during Copenhagen's largest annual cultural event this Friday. Our top events from the University and from the city of Copenhagen

Soon you wil be trying to make your way around a jungle of cultural events taking place Friday 9 October. It will be hard to make a decision on what to see at Copenhagen’s largest annual cultural event. This guide will help.

Culture Night (‘Kulturnatten’ in Danish) has more than 250 museums, theatres, libraries, universities, ministries, parks, and squares opening their doors for exciting exhibitions, performances, and open houses this Friday night.

Here are a few places and events to get you started! We start out with events organised by University of Copenhagen departments, and then move on to those outside UCPH.

On University of Copenhagen campuses

Test your muscles’ age!
Take the opportunity to explore, along with a group of researchers, how your body’s muscles are affected by your aging – or by your lazing in bed all day!
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The Botanical Garden after dark
Wander around the beautiful garden accompanied by atmospheric lights and music, and make your way up to the Palmhouse for a poetically beautiful setup of lights, shadows and sounds to stimulate your senses.
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The incredible brain
The brain is probably our most mysterious organ, but the experts (and comedians) of the night aim to introduce you to some of the wonders of the brain such as your memory and your thoughts – and perhaps how it feels to be without it!
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Culture Night at Studenterhuset
Stop by Studenterhuset’s backyard decorated with colourful lights, live music with some of Copenhagen’s best underground artists and plenty of opportunity to dance all night.
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In Copenhagen, outside campuses

Huset-KBH’s ghost house
The Huset-KBH will turn into a ghost house that will make you hear your heartbeat in your ears and send a chill down your back.
So enter… if you dare.
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Up in the treetops
Climb around in the Carlsberg’s climbing forest by night and watch the lightshow of the Carlsberg City from another angle, high above it all. Sign-up required beforehand.
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For those looking for “something different”

Assistens Kirkegård (The Assistens Churchyard)
An invitation into a mystical atmosphere where a shaman aims to bring us closer to nature and the sound of the universe.
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Light and sound
Walk around with a flashlight and observe two designers envision the world of Thorvaldsens Museum when global warming has had its effect and flooded the museum – with light and sound, luckily.
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For the relaxed

ChurChill #33
When you need a break, stop by Brorson Church and watch the artwork move around in the ceiling to electronic music while you rest on the pillow-covered floor.
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Any more ideas or tips? Let us know in the comment field below. Have a nice night out!

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