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Your winter soundtrack: Studenterhuset guide

The University Post's Danish section serves you a guide to winter music at Studenterhuset

New year, new playlist. With a semester lurking around the corner it’s nice to know that Studenterhuset is waiting with open arms. The January programme is guaranteed to breathe life back into the dark evenings.

Every season has its genres, and jazz is probably the style that best romanticizes the winter. So it is appropriate that Studenterhuset is lets loose in January and February with ‘Winter Jazz’. Studenterhuset also has plenty of indie rock in the beginning of the new year.

The University Post’s Danish section serves up a small selection of Studenterhuset’s programme for the next month:

Nostalgic funk

Who:Miss Leeroy’s Delight + DJ
Time: Saturday 15, January 2011 at 21:00
Admission: DKK 50 member / non-member DKK 75
Genre: Soul, funk, swing

Miss Leeroy’s Delight, a nine-piece band, sets the stage for a funky evening. Miss Leeroy’s Delight will not provide major musical antics, but good solid funk, soul and swing. Judge for yourself here.

The band emerged in Copenhagen in 2002, then under the name CoinToss, but switched to their current name Miss Leeroy’s Delight in 2006. In the same year they were finalists in the Emergenza festival for unsigned bands.

It is going to be a steamy evening, if you believe Miss Leeroy’s Delight, which promises to serve up a seething cocktail of danceable and sweaty Las Vegas ballads with an energy that reaches the back row.

Rapping it up

Who: Hip Hop With Attitude 2: M-Cnatet + Rimligheden & DJ Dynamix + Emperor & Him the Long + Larsnes
Time: Friday 21, January 2011, at 21:00
Admission: DKK 40 member / non-member DKK 60 Genre: Hip-hop

Freestyle is not the theme of this evening, but nonetheless Studenterhuset gathered a handful Fight Night rappers for the event ‘Hip Hop with Attitude 2’.

This years Fight Night winner Kejser A (Emperor A) and the eternal number two Ham Den Lange (Him The Long) who are both experienced freestylers and known for their technical prowess.

Listen here: Haven Morgan or The Long Ham

The two Fight Night participants Munde de Carlo and Balthasar called Rimligheden & DJ Dynamix will show the freestylers what they do best: quirky rhymes and new metaphors.

Listen here: Munde de Carlo or Balthasar

The two South Zealand rappers Kværn and Trepac, that go under the common name M-Cnatet, have become some of the most recognized rappers in Denmark. They offer intelligent rhymes and self-irony in a song like ‘The creative class.’ Listen here.

Aarhus ghosts

The Malpractice + Marybell Katastophy
Time: Saturday 5, February 2011, at. 21:00
Admission: DKK 70 member / non-member DKK 75
Genre: indie rock / electropop

In late October debuted Malpractice with the album “Tectonic” which received good reviews across the board. Their music has been described as “Nine Inch Nails’ clenched industrial rock with an added splash of intimate falsetto vocals and danceable beats. Listen here.

The evening’s second band is Aarhus’ Marybell Katastophy. Their musical style is somewhere between eletropop and rock with singer and former keyboardist of the band Tiger Tunes Marie Højlund vocal in the center of it all. Listen here.

Marybell Katastrophy is using the month of January to finalize a lot of new songs and is getting ready to play them at Studenterhuset in February. And so, that is how Studenterhuset will start 2011 off in style.

Check out the entire program here.