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A match made in heaven — is your choice of study written in the stars?

Astrology — No need to waste more time wondering about whether your study programme is a good choice. Well at least astrologically speaking, that is. Here is the guide.

Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)

Characteristics: Sensible, ambitious, hardworking, realistic, likes predictability and structure, maybe boring, serious, values work and career, job is a big part of their identity.

Matches study programmes: Medicine might be obvious, but everyone knows that the medical profession is characterized by a high degree of unpredictability. The people who do, actually, love to predict the future are economists. If you are a Capricorn, you should study economics and get a job like, say, chief economic advisor before you turn 30.

You need to crash this Friday bar: Capricorns get on well with the calmer Virgo or sturdy Taurus. You might therefore, with some advantage, sneak into the maths or education science Friday bar and impress with your high level of ambition.

Capricorns affiliated to UCPH: Nobel Prize winner in chemistry Morten Meldal (2022) is, not surprisingly, a Capricorn. The sky is the limit if you share this zodiac sign with him.

Aquarius (21 January – 21 February)

Characteristics: Unconventional, rebellious, wanting total freedom, going their own way, visionary, coming up with crazy and surprising things.

Match for the following study programmes: Nothing. You cannot, simply, study. One day, when the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) gets in line with the times and sets up a bachelor’s degree in gender studies, it might well be something for Aquarius, since that degree opens precisely zero doors to anything in the labour market. Until then, philosophy could serve as an alternative, where you can shine with your understanding of theories and concepts.

You need to crash this Friday bar: Even though you’re not good at studying, you can easily gatecrash a Friday bar on campus. Borrow a pair of nerdy glasses from a friend – and off you go. The perfect matches for Aquarius are the other air signs in the Zodiac: Gemini and Libra, so you might have some romantic success at Political Science or Law.

Aquarius connection with UCPH: Professor Judith Butler, who visited UCPH earlier this year, is of course an Aquarius – Butler’s revolutionary research challenges the binary understanding of gender, which is not surprising when you think about the Aquarius desire for total freedom.

Pisces (20 February – 20 March)

Characteristics: Sensitive, imaginative, sympathetic, likes intangible stuff like: music, theatre and adventure. Not good at planning, can seem confused, chaotic and messy.

Match for the following study programmes: Pisces is the imaginative and sensitive star sign, typically with a rich inner life. Psychology will be a good choice for you, as you will be able to use your empathy and five-plus years of study to lose yourself in the depths of other people and take a break from yourself at the same time.

You need to crash this Friday bar: You fit well with Cancer, with whom you share an emotional vocabulary. Head therefore for the slightly quieter Friday bars, where you can sink deep into a corner sofa and talk about your childhood traumas all night.

Pisces affiliated to UCPH: Professor in formal philosophy Vincent Hendricks has spent his entire life pondering about things – just like the dreamy heart and chaotic brain of the Pisces. However, the Pisces’ longing to get a break from themselves, can mean that no one else gets a break from them.

Aries (21 March – 20 April)

Characteristics: Courageous, enterprising, patient, strong-willed, strong impact, action-oriented, full of energy.

Match for the following study programmes: Aries is a fire sign, and you really are on fire. You need to get a job at an agency with flexible workspaces, where you don’t get bogged down at an ergonomic, height-adjustable, desk. Preferably a position where you can shout at the others a bit. If you have chosen the university rather than the military route, sport science will be your perfect match.

You need to crash this Friday bar: As an Aries, you love yourself and therefore other Aries people also. That’s why you should stay at your own sport science Friday bar. That said, the next day should have you taking part in all activities that the UCPH student sports has to offer. Here you most certainly can compete with someone – maybe your next partner is the person you beat in open water swimming?

Aries associated with UCPH: The Danish Queen Margrethe II is, of course, an Aries. Perhaps Margrethe might not have dropped out of her degree programme if she had chosen sports science instead of archaeology? She can actually still try again now that she has quit smoking.

Taurus (21 April- 21 May)

Characteristics: Calm, seeks safety, patient, robust, persistent, good at staying calm in hectic situations.

Sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign

This guide is based on your zodiac sign, also called sun sign, which depends on your date of birth and tells you something fundamental about your personality.

In astrology, the sun, moon, and rising signs are the big three, representing your inner core and personality, your emotional life, and how other people see you. The three things together say more about your personality than the sun sign alone.

Match for the following study programmes: As a Taurus, you love material things and everything that is beautiful. You are constantly concerned with optimizing your surroundings, and this can cost you. If you have natural science aspirations, you can translate your sense of good taste into a BSc in food and nutrition. If you are a full-blown aesthete, you should probably be studying art history, where you can satisfy your yearning for the perfect still life composition.

You need to crash this Friday bar: You are extremely passionate, and so you need to find a Scorpio that shares your intensity. The Scorpio is probably to be found at KUA (South Campus) on any given Friday bar.

Taurus affiliated to UCPH: The Danish poet Caspar Eric, an alumni of comparative literature, has written ‘disability poems’ and his recent collection of poetry gave him the Prince Henrik Prize 2023.

Gemini (22 May to 21 June)

Characteristics: Social, curious, outspoken, lively, updated on everything, daily news consumer, a good debater, gets easily excited about things, then quickly loses interest again.

Match for the following study programmes: A Gemini is constantly checking X, and political science is the perfect match for your studies. Here you will meet like-minded people who also love to debate and ride their hobbyhorses about whatever happens to be the trending topic. The study programme is known for not going into depth with anything and educating pure generalists. And as a Gemini you are really like this.

You need to crash this Friday bar: By virtue of your adaptability, you are compatible with many different zodiac signs. You talk a lot and will likely fall in love with someone who either talks even more or thinks it’s really exciting to listen to you. Go to the psychologists’ Friday bar and find yourself a Pisces that will be happy to listen to your tirades.

Gemini affiliated to UCPH: The professors Eske and Rane Willerslev are twins and they are eccentric and chaotic. They are good at talking.

Cancer (22 June – 22 July)

Characteristics: Sensitive and caring, love their families, appreciates closeness and security, loves traditions and holidays.

Match for the following study programmes: Cancers are known to have a good memory. This, combined with the ability to sometimes get stuck down in old habits, makes theology the perfect match for you. Cancer likes to be in the centre of things and take control, and you can satisfy that urge every Sunday at the pulpit after you have studied six years at university and trained as a priest.

You need to crash this Friday bar: Water signs tend to fit water signs, but if you want to challenge yourself, find an Earth sign. Go to a Friday bar at the CSS campus for the Faculty of Social Sciences, where people who are more down-to-earth hang out – or take the train all the way out to the forestry college at Skovskolen in Nødebo and hook up with a Taurus. Timber!

Cancer affiliated to UCPH: Journalist and MA Lotte Folke Kaarsholm is a classic Cancer who, with her warmhearted ability to stay on track, manages the debate section on the Danish news site Politiken. She used to be a host on the Danish TV show Deadline.

Leo (23 July – 23 August)

Characteristics: Strong, self-aware, warm, shows no weaknesses, humorous, creative, passionate and generous with their feelings. Likes to be in the centre of things, wants to be recognized, is into parties and colours.

Match for the following study programmes: Leos know how to make an entrance. You might even have intentionally started the wrong study programme in order to switch to a new one mid-semester. This would make you fashionably late, and inherently interesting as a freshman. The Theatre and Performance Studies programme is, of course, your perfect match, so you can recreate yourself every day.

You need to crash this Friday bar: The Leo is someone who can dazzle people from afar. So instead of spending time going to a Friday bar where you have to talk to others, sign on to a student revue performance, get the lead role, and then sit back and wait for all the direct messages afterwards.

Leo affiliated to UCPH: The Director of the University of Copenhagen Søren Munk Skydsgaard is a Leo. It is classic Leo to want to be director of a large university.

Virgo (24 August – 23 September)

Characteristics: Well prepared, hard-working, careful, logical, sense of order. May seem cold, sober, rational.

Matches the following study programmes: With their sense of order, Virgos are real assets to any study group. So you quickly get everything under control on a Google Calendar. On the mathematics programme, your exaggerated common sense will finally be appreciated. It is therefore a perfect match for you. You should be prepared, however, for the fact that it is not always possible to figure out where the equations end up.

You need to crash this Friday bar: Drinking yourself into oblivion is just not something you do with your Virgo self-control. Instead, you’ll have to crash the psychology students’ café Hippocampus on the central CSS campus for a board game, where your logical and strategic sense can get the attention it deserves.

Virgo affiliated to UCPH: According to UCPH alumnus and deputy judge Nina Palesa Bonde, doing law is about exercising due diligence, argumentation, and regulating society. The three cardinal virtues of Virgo.

Libra (24 September – 23 October)

Characteristics: Avoids conflicts, friendly, polite, social, very interested in other people, likes relationships, wants to create balance.

Matches the following study programmes: Libra is an idealist, and there’s a reason why its symbol is also the image of justice. You should therefore study law so that you can put your sense of justice to good use, and judge others according to the law.

You need to crash this Friday bar: The Libra’s special someone is the rebellious Aquarius. So maybe you should look outside the university to find your right match? We suggest a trip to the self-governing youth group Ungdomshuset on Dortheavej.

Libra affiliated to UCPH: The rector of UCPH Henrik C. Wegener is a Libra, and as it happens, the name Wegener associates with a scales. There is a scales in the coat of arms of the rector’s family (yes, his family does have a coat of arms). Libra is the sign for a strong administrator.

Scorpion (24 October to 23 November)

Characteristics: Intense, sensitive, passionate, can be judgmental, fickle, a loner, seems hard — but is soft inside.

Matches the following study programmes: You are curious by nature and like to dig down into the deepest layers of everything. Scorpios are good at immersing themselves, which is why you should study Comparative Literature. You don’t like authorities, so instead of finding a programme where teaching is the most important thing, you should find one where you can manage your own time and be responsible for sorting out (your alternative) syllabus.

You need to crash this Friday bar: Scorpio has a strong personality and likes to be a leader. You need therefore to find a soft water sign like Pisces or Cancer that is more flexible. Hang out at the Friday bars on South Campus, KUA, where you can find another humanities student you can dominate.

Scorpio affiliated to UCPH: The Danish writer Suzanne Brøgger is a classic passionate Scorpio who thinks that a society without spirit is not worth saving. She started writing her own books when she studied Russian at UCPH and dropped out. It is very Scorpio-like to lose yourself in your own rich, inner, life.

Sagittarius (24 November – 21 December)

Characteristics: Playful, intelligent, an adventurer, loves to travel and explore other cultures, religions and nature.

Matches the following study programmes: Sagittarius always aims for the stars and wants to discover new worlds. We know that the humanities programmes at UCPH — which may end up closed down completely due to high unemployment before the end of the decade (RIP) — will not deter a Sagittarius who is determined and always manages to get by. Even with a bachelor’s degree in Asian studies or Middle Eastern languages, you are sure to both satisfy your desire for adventure and have a successful career at the same time.

You need to crash this Friday bar: Everyone loves to be near the Sagittarius, so maybe you just need to get yourself a job behind the bar and you’ll have a long queue of flattering admirers. You match with other fire signs, so find someone who gets as much attention as yourself.

Sagittarius affiliated to UCPH: Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science Christina Egelund took her entire BA in modern literature abroad and ended up as minister. Classic Sagittarius!