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Bente Stallknecht appointed new prorector

New name — Professor Bente Stallknecht is taking over the post of Prorector of Education from Lykke Friis.

Professor Bente Stallknecht, 54, will work to merge education closer with research at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH). She is leaving her current position as the head of the biomedicine institute and has researched the impact of exercise on obesity.

Stallknecht was appointed professor with special tasks within physical activity and obesity in 2013, while in 2016 she was appointed professor of physical activity and health. Since 2014, she has been a member of the EU Commission’s Scientific Panel for Health and is currently leader of the University of Copenhagen’s Strategic Platform for Lifestyle, Obesity and Metabolism Research.

Bente Stallknecht bio

2016: Head of the Institute of Biomedicine, UCPH

2016: Professor of physical activity and health, UCPH

2015-16: Constituent head of the Institute of Biomedicine, UCPH

2007-15: UCPH program head at Civil Engineering: Medicine and Technology

2013: Professor MSO within physical activity and obesity, UCPH

2001: Lecturer, Medicinal, Physiological Institute / Biomedical Institute, UCPH

1997: Ph.d., UCPH

“We nominated Stallknecht because she has both the professional and personal competences to match the job and because she compliments overall management. The University of Copenhagen is committed to strengthening the quality of education, for example by establishing creative learning environments and by merging education more closely with research and practice. In this case, Bente Stallknecht mncan contribute with her professional experience, a good eye for involving students and experience with multidisciplinary collaboration. She also offers solid management experience and knows the University of Copenhagen intimately, and is also highly aware that the university must be part of the wider world. I very much look forward to collaborating,” says rector Henrik C. Wegener to

“The University’s role in society is to create and disseminate knowledge. A direct way to disseminate knowledge is via the university’s students, who are enrolled, educated and then emerge master’s graduates and work in the private and public sectors. In this way, the university’s knowledge is shared with the entire society, and the spread of knowledge is important. Therefore, I see the position of Prorector of Education as meaningful and compelling. I look forward to collaborating with the rector, the university management and the remainder of the University of Copenhagen and to implementing Strategy 2023,” says Stallknecht to the same media.