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Board approves disputed reform of University of Copenhagen administration

Administration reform — 280 full-time equivalent staff will be cut from the administration. Chair of the Board stresses that the cuts must be included in any future political demands for savings.

The proposed, much-debated, administration reform that intends to cut DKK 300 million in administration costs at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) has finally been adopted.

This was at a meeting of the Board of UCPH 19 June which the University Post, with many others, followed via an online connection.

The reform involves a reduction in the number of full-time staff equivalents (FTEs) of 280 when it is fully phased in, somewhat less than the 380 FTEs initially planned.

The first phase of the reform will take place in the autumn of 2024, when what corresponds to 100 full-time equivalent staff will be laid off. The remaining FTE reductions will be carried out towards the end of 2027.

UCPH should not be penalised for »due diligence«

At the Board meeting, several board members stated that management had focussed too much on the cost-cutting target in its communication. This, rather than the quality improvements of the university administration that the reform is expected to entail.

It was also emphasized that if politicians demand further cuts from the universities, the savings carried out by the administrative reform must be included, so that UCPH does not risk getting their cuts doubled-up. The University of Copenhagen should not suffer due to its »due diligence«, as the Chair of the Board Merete Eldrup put it.

Several board members also pointed out that there are still unanswered questions in the released design plan.

This prompted professor and VIP board member Pia Quist to say that it is therefore also »difficult to have to say go« to the proposal.

The University Post keeps its public domain

The University Post was mentioned multiple times at the Board meeting. In the original reform proposal, the plan was for the University Post to be put behind the walled UCPH intranet, so that the medium could no longer be read by the public.

This proposal has been taken off the table, and several board members wanted confirmation that it will not be brought up again.

Merete Eldrup replied that the University Post will not be moved to the intranet, but that the medium cannot be exempted from cuts. The cuts will be found in cooperation with the medium’s own governing board, the Bladudvalget.