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Conservative Students’ leading candidate: We want to focus on academic standards

University Elections 2022 — The University of Copenhagen has moved too far away from its original purpose. Academic standards are no longer the purpose or the driving force. This is the main challenge, according to Marlene Budolph, who is running for a seat on the Board of the University of Copenhagen.

Academic standards are at the heart of Conservative Students – and this is where, according to Marlene Budolph, they differ from the other student political organisations.

Marlene Budolph mentions the debates over climate and gender quotas on all the University of Copenhagen syllabi, something that she has been critical of from the very beginning.

»Unlike the other lists, we are not dealing with other things than the academic, core, purpose of the university. We genuinely believe that UCPH has to reduce its carbon footprint, but this is not what we are campaigning for,« she says.

Read the full interview in Danish with Marlene Budolph here.

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