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Copenhagen colonises Aalborg

If Aalborg's university (AAU) can set up house in Copenhagen, the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) can set up in Aalborg. Information Sciences Academy in Aalborg is now to be 'Copenhagen'

After long negotiations outside the public eye, a final decision has been made: The University of Copenhagen will take over the Information Sciences Academy in Aalborg, reports

While Aalborg University Copenhagen (AAU-Cph) has been running for a few years now and offers seven Bachelor programmes and 14 Master’s programmes, it’s the first time for the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) will have a department in Aalborg.

The Information Sciences Academy (IVA) in Aalborg, the former librarians’ school, will become a part of UCPH starting 1 January 2013. According to Ulf Hedetoft, the Dean of UCPH, the merger will give students from both universitites more opportunities.

See Nordjyske article (in Danish).

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