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Copenhagen dorms which need a motivated application letter

For some dormitories and residences you can't get in through a waiting list. Instead, they require a personal application and the residents themselves choose the candidates they like

Conditions and requirements vary for each dormitory/residence. Make sure you read the requirements descriptions carefully before you apply.

It is also possible sometimes to rent a room in the dormitories when a student is going on exchange. This usually requires that you contact them and ask.

Check out Dorms Disclosed – students reviewing their own dormitories.

So here are the links to the dormitories/residences:

Valkendorfs Kollegium

Elers Kollegium


G.A. Hagemanns


Nordisk Kollegium

Vartov Kollegiet

Borchs Kollegium

4. Maj Kollegiet

Hassagers Kollegium

Egmont Kollegiet

Tietgen Kollegiet

Otto Mønsteds Kollegiet

P. Carl Petersens Kollegium


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