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Copenhagen’s best student discounts

Guide — It can be hard to afford a frappé or a new pair of jeans on a student income in Copenhagen — never mind a root canal treatment at the dentist or a tasty menu. But it is not impossible. Here is a guide to good student discounts.

If you put a little work into it, you can get access to a lot of good discounts as a student. It requires a bit of preparation, but it pays off. The first thing you need to do is download two apps and activate them immediately: UNiDAYS and Studiz. As a University of Copenhagen student, for example, as soon as you have your KUnet login, it can be used to confirm that you are a student via WAYF. You will receive your digital student ID card directly on your mobile phone.

Studiz is a Danish portal for student discounts in Denmark – it is easy and free to register, and they have a large overview of all places that offer student discounts, typically 10-20 per cent. On the Studiz app you can see all the places listed, which include clothing stores, opticians, culture venues, yoga, dentists and fast food.

UNiDAYS has many international partners and is a free service for students throughout the world. With your digital UNiDAYS student card, you can get student discounts at, say, ASOS, Adidas, Superdry and Vans.

Every year in mid September (week 37), young people up to the age of 27 can get free admission to no less than 180 museums and galleries.

It is especially good for online shopping, and outside Denmark.

A third service that may make sense for students who travel a lot, or are going on exchange, is an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). It costs DKK 150 and can be used internationally. It is not used many places in Denmark, but if you are going on holiday or exchange, that investment is quickly recouped – several hostels and restaurants give a discount when you flash it.

And then there’s the good old UCPH student card. In most places in Copenhagen, it is enough to whip it out if you want to unleash all your benefits.

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Make a habit of asking has a big overview of all the student discounts in Copenhagen. This includes experiences, restaurants, personal care and activities. All the discounts here can be claimed with a UCPH student card.

Many places in Copenhagen, including small independent shops, offer student discounts even though they do not clearly indicate it. Always make it a habit to ask if you can get a student discount. The worst thing that can happen is that you save money.

Your student card gives you access to a cheap sports club with more than 65 different sports

Several cultural offerings have discounts for young people, typically in the age group 15-26 years old. Good deals are to be had here.

K7 is a nationwide initiative that gives young people greater opportunities to visit cultural institutions. Every year in week 37, young people up to the age of 27 can get free admission to no less than 180 museums and galleries.

To get to all the museums, a Rejsekort travel card is an advantage, and you can upgrade to ‘Rejsekort ung’ if you get a student grant and can present a valid student card from the University of Copenhagen.

If your travel card can’t take you that far, both the airline SAS and the Danish railways DSB offer youth discounts on airline tickets, train tickets and Interrail passes.

Theatre, music and cultural experiences

We released this guide to cultural venues in 2019 with student discounts, and it is still up-to-date. It’s also worth checking out which music streaming services offer student discounts. Both Apple Music and Spotify lower the price if you can confirm that you are a student.

If music isn’t enough, you can get theatre tickets discounted if you are a student. You can become a free member of ‘My Theatre’ on and always get a reduction. You can often also buy tickets at a large discount if you are a large group of young people together.

A good night out at the theatre includes, at best, a restaurant visit or some takeaway. The list of places where you can get discounts is a long one. This list includes VACA, Needs Pizza, Halifax and Zocalo.

Discount on gymnastics, for your mind, and for your body

One of the biggest expenses as a new university student is books on the syllabus. But here money can be saved also.

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Both Academic Books and offer student discounts on their titles.

And remember: Your student card also gives access to the UCPH Student Sports (KSI), which is a sports club with more than 65 different sports, for example kayaking, ballet or ocean swimming.