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Emergency exercise: Helicopters, police swoop down on KUA

Hovering over campus buildings, armed men with bullet proof vests, and the report of shots fired. Pre-announced exercise had it all, but caught some by surprise

A massive deployment of helicopters and police was actually only an emergency exercise.

But the exercise, that was pre-announced on the University of Copenhagen’s intranet took at least one student and one staff that the University Post talked to at the event by surprise. One woman told the University Post reporter on campus, who himself had not heard about the exercise, that she “did not know whether it was an exercise or not.” She was clearly concerned.

Photo by Lukas Antoine

Other onlookers that the reporter talked to were more re-assuring, saying that it was must be – definitely – an exercise.

Baddies and fake shots

The main entrance and building 24 were blocked off, and classes were moved and rescheduled for the day.

Photo by Lukas Antoine

A staff member at the University of Copenhagen, tweeted to the University Post that the “the baddies were outside my window getting their machine guns together, but trust me, they did not look like they were alright with being ‘shot’”

Photo by Lukas Antoine

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