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Faculty of Science gets large EU grant for 74 international PhDs

Grants — Talented students from countries outside Denmark can be employed as PhD students at the University of Copenhagen with support from the EU

The Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen is negotiating with the EU Commission on a five-year talent programme with an expected project launch in the autumn of 2018.

The talent programme is to ensure that UCPH can recruit the best young foreign researchers.

The Faculty has just received one of the largest grants, DKK 43 million, from the Marie S Curie COFOUND programme, which is part of the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

Morten Pejrup, Associate Dean for Research at the Faculty of Science, says in a press release (needs log-in) that management is excited about the project, as the grant allows them to now start recruiting 74 particularly talented foreign PhD students.

Contributes to UCPH strategy

All international master’s students will be able to apply for fully funded PhD courses in all the disciplines at the Faculty of Science, and get the opportunity to follow an extended course programme.

The Faculty of Science collaborates with the Confederation of Danish Industy (DI), The Danish Chamber of Commerce and the Agriculture & Food group in offering the master’s students the opportunity of a ‘change of environment’ during the PhD course, which may lead to a position in a company that is relevant to the research.

Morten Pejrup writes that there is a shortfall of highly specialized labour in Denmark and that it is about attracting the most promising international talents. According to the press release, the grant thereby not only raises the quality of the Faculty of Science’s PhD programmes, but also contributes to UCPH achieving several milestones in its strategy.