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Free Forum's top candidate: More student feedback to help fight inequality

University Elections 2022 — Free Forum made gains at the last university elections. Now its leading candidate Kasper Stisen hopes that a focus on inequality, climate, and degree programmes that are better oriented towards the labour market will get him a place on the Board of the University of Copenhagen.

»The cycle of disadvantage in educational attainment has increased significantly over the past 20 years. Have a chew on that.«

This is what it states on the chewing gum packaging that the Social Democrat student organisation Free Forum ‘Frit Forum’ distributes around the University of Copenhagen at this year’s university elections.

It is one of the party’s key issues, according to the leading candidate Kasper Stisen.

»For young people whose parents are not academics, one of the things that is important is that you get a lot of feedback in the beginning of the study programme,« he says.

The Free Forum has two other key issues: A green university, and education programmes that are more oriented towards the labour market.

You can read a full interview with Kasper Stisen in Danish here.

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