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Karaoke, quizzes and Danish rock star the big draw at this year's KU festival

KU-festival — »In these difficult times, it is important that we stick together across the organisation«. This according to an employee at this year's KU festival, which included a concert with Danish singer Sanne Salomonsen, brilliant quizzes, and a huge karaoke party.

It was the tenth time that the KU Festival had been held, and University of Copenhagen (UCPH) staff and students could enjoy the day in glorious sunshine, with a cold draught beer, talks, quizzes, and concerts.

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Danish singer Sanne Salomonsen opened the festival’s big stage, and students and employees went crazy over all her oldie mega-hits.

Later in the evening, UCPH staff and students were able to take the stage themselves. At the well-attended karaoke tent, people chanted to tracks like Murder on the Dance Floor by Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.

The University Post was there on the day and picked up a few of the festival’s highlights.

In the sustainability tent, you could get a piece of vegan sustainability cake.
image: Anders Fjelberg
At Rainbow Corner, you could meet the UCPH diversity team.
image: Anders Fjeldberg.
There was ample opportunity to kick back under one of the many trees on North Campus.
image: Anders Fjeldberg
The University Post hosted the traditional KUiz again this year.
image: Anders Fjeldberg.
The lawn was packed for this year's KU festival.
image: Anders Fjeldberg

Who was there?

The University Post talked to both students, staff, and a »hostess with the mostest« at this year’s festival.

And even though both Sanne Salomonsen and the cold beer seemed to be the big draw, several of the guests also highlighted how the festival had the power to bring people together in times of division.

Crazy that this doesn’t cost anything

»This is the second time we have gone to the KU festival. We got a really good impression last year, so we wanted to go again this year. We’re a group of friends from secondary school who happen to all go to UCPH on different programs, so we went together. And we also know a lot of people from our own study programme out here,« says Rebekka Israelson.

»It’s really cool that UCPH does this festival. It’s a good concept, and it’s pretty crazy that it doesn’t cost anything,« says Julie Mikkelsen.

»We haven’t been here for that long, but we’ve seen Sanne Salomonsen, so this has definitely been the highlight so far,« says Rebekka Israelson.

KU Festival is worth it

»I think it creates a good sense of community at the university when people from all the different faculties and administrative departments meet across the university,« says Maja Baggesen, who has been working at UCPH for almost six years.

»This pulls UCPH together as a community across disciplines, no matter whether you are an employee or a student. Everyone, in fact, who has been invited. And it also means that we can put some important agendas on the program, from sustainability to well-being,« says Jacob Graff Nielsen.

»We have just listened to Sanne Salomonsen, and all the young people and all of us employees, we danced together, so this was fantastic. There cannot be a better sense of community,« says Kira Stine Hansen.

»Sanne is still going strong,« says Maja Baggesen, referring to the Danish singer. Maja is now on her way down to hear talks about sex, sleep and the universe.

»It’s great that there’s something for everyone in terms of both music and talks,« Kira Stine Hansen emphasizes.

An event like this costs money, and the university is in a place where cuts have to be made. Is it worth the money?

»I think so. UCPH has a DKK 10 billion budget. And, of course, this costs some money. But when you think we are 38,000 students and 10,000 employees, it is worth it when you get the opportunity to bring so many students and employees together and give them a day where you can celebrate UCPH as a university,« says Jacob Graff Nielsen.

»And especially in difficult times, it is important that we stick together across the organization,« says Maja Baggesen.

Miss Boogie is back

»I have been employed today as quizmaster at UCPH. A ‘hostess with the mostest’ in the festival’s Rainbow Corner, where I will run two quizzes, partly on LGBT+ rights. We have already finished the first quiz and it was completely full, so I think it went well.«

»There’s a really good atmosphere out here. It’s less crowded than I expected, and people are happy. Right now, I’m trying to pull people in for our second quiz, but I think we’re competing with a cider tasting that’s happening somewhere nearby.«

»This is the second time I’ve been to the KU festival. It was a great success to be here last year, so I was pulled back in for this year. I love to be back. It’s great that there are both students and staff out here who are super committed.«