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No Friday bars, no parties at the University of Copenhagen before the autumn break

The University of Copenhagen has just released guidelines for social events on campus with effect from the start of this semester. It will be a socially-distanced fall season.

When students at the University of Copenhagen return to their studies on 31 August, there are to be no Friday bars, no spontaneous board game events, and no similar social events. This is according to the university’s new guidelines for organising social events in the autumn semester.

The guidelines have been drawn up to limit the risk of spreading Covid-19 at the university and they apply to the entire University of Copenhagen. They take effect from the start of the semester in week 36 and apply up to, and including, week 42 (12-18 October) of 2020.

The University of Copenhagen does not want to see ‘party-like student events’ on campus. The ban therefore applies to campus parties (including the semester start festivities), Friday bars and cafés, and other social events.

Lectures and a glass of beer will be permitted

The students can satisfy their hunger for social events by organising academic events instead, i.e. events with a clear academic content and purpose. This can be a lecture or a film evening. But the film has to be started early, as academic events must end by 9 pm at the latest.

Who decides whether an event is academically relevant? The faculty or department does, because all social events need to be approved locally. This means that students must contact their faculty if they have any ideas or plans for an event.

For academic events held Monday through Thursday, you are allowed to drink one or two beers. If you want something of a stronger variety on campus you will have to wait until after the autumn break.

Universities not included in ban on large gatherings

The ban on large gatherings of people, which in Denmark currently bans groups of more than 100, does not apply to academic events at the University of Copenhagen. It is the faculties themselves that determine how many people should be allowed in to the auditoriums and rooms based on distancing requirements and the health authorities’ recommendations.