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Old University of Copenhagen buildings, left to the elements

The old KUA buildings are now finally abandoned, long past their projected lifespan. Visual photo agency gathered eerie pictures of the hollow interiors

The University of Copenhagen’s humanity faculty has finally moved out of its ‘temporary home’, where it has been located since 1972. The old buildings were never meant to be used as long as they were, and now that they are empty, appear quite scenic in their disrepair. Visual photo agency has taken pictures of the hollow buildings, and allowed us to create a gallery from their selection, visible below. See the full set of pictures on their website.

To compare and contrast: KUA’s new buildings, now housing a lot of relics moved from the old campus, can be seen in our gallery.

Also contrast with the selection of KUA that was previously demolished to make room for KUA2 here.

See more photos on on facebook here.

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