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Playlist: Spring Festival's top tracks

Playlist — Who are you gonna see play Friday? We’ve made a playlist so you know which songs you can’t miss at Spring Festival. Enjoy!

The Savage Rose: Wild Child

Few singing voices incorporate so much nerve and intensity as that of singer Annisette. The group’s hit “Wild Child” may be from 1973, but it still enchants with its hippie vibes, call to rebellion and synthesizer action.

Benal: Nu Her

The latest single from the prize-winning Danish hip hop duo offers pumping electro funk with echoes of Daft Punk or Modjo – with rapper Benjamin Hav in supreme top form.

Veto: You Are A Knife

Veto broke through in 2005 and their track ‘You Are A Knife” from debut album ’There Is A Beat In All Machines’ is razor-sharp synth pop layered with Troels Abrahamsen’s soulful voice. This is one you can dance to!

Soleima: Pacify Me

Soleima was once known as a member of Danish rap group Flødeklinikken, but under her own name she makes electronic pop with hip hop and r&b touches. We can’t wait to hear the hit Pacify Me live!

Go Go Berlin: Darkness

There is nothing particularly dark about the track. Rather, it’s happy, energetic indie rock with distorted guitars, playful bass and Christian Vium’s charming vocals. Let’s Go Go Berlin!

Nelson Can

The three-woman rock band Nelson Can was behind one of last year’s best releases “EP3” which heads in a more pop direction than before. We predict a dance party when the energetic track Miracle drops.

Uffe Lorenzen: Flippertøs

A member of classic Danish bands Baby Woodrose and Spids Nøgenhat, Uffe Lorenzen has been a key figure in Danish psychedelic rock.  Last year, he issued his first solo album, ’Galmandsværk’, with its enchanting flute melody.

Von Dü

Since 2007, Von Dü has delivered Danish-language ska and reggae with raging energy. We predict that the hit  ’Sommer i Danmark’ (Danish Summer) will be a huge hit with its lyrics about beautiful young Danes smoking cigarettes by the water and enjoying the sun.