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Profile: Caroline scared of her empty apartment

Although Caroline, an environmental studies major from California, likes Copenhagen so far, supermarkets and the echo in her empty apartment still worries her.

»The streets are laid out really differently,« Caroline says when the University Post asked her about what the strangest thing about Copenhagen is. She tells us that she’s also had quite a bit of trouble with Danish supermarkets.

»Everything is in Danish, I don’t understand any of it,« she says, and recalls her last shopping trip, where she thought she had bought milk, but instead came home with a carton of yoghurt.

At home in California, Caroline is on the crew team at home, and has even won a national tournament of rowing, and while she is in Denmark, she really wants to continue doing this sport, but right now, her hands are full with the pre-semester Danish course: »It’s much harder than I thought!« she tells us with her four friends nodding in agreement.

Where are my roommates?

When the University Post asked her what a little known fact about her was, she revealed a quite unusual phobia: »I’m afraid of my apartment«.

She doesn’t have any roommates yet, and is the only resident in the 5-bedroom apartment right now. As a result, she is freaked out every time she hears a noise in her new home.

Although she tells us that she has »no idea when people are moving in«, she hopes it’ll be soon, as she imagines that living alone the entire semester in the big apartment in Store Kongensgade would be quite lonely.

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