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See my student job: Kristian works on the health sector's IT

Student job — Kristian Thøgersen helps maintain one of the health sector's most important IT-systems which is used by almost everyone who works with case management in the area of health and social care.

Student job Student assistant at KMD I work 15 hours a week spread over two days.  I have not had any classes since the 2016 spring semester, so I have not had any difficulties in adapting my work schedule to make room for classes.

Subject Communication & IT. This is the last semester of my Master’s degree.

How long have you worked there? I have worked at KMD since the beginning of the new year.  Before that I used to work for another company that KMD bought – I was kept as part of the staff and moved to KMD when the companies merged.

How did you get the job? I found the job posting on the internet, wrote an application and made sure I was thoroughly prepared for the job interview. During my studies I deliberately focused on creating a profile that would qualify me to work in the health sector’s IT department. So I had the necessary experience, understood the terminology and I was able to ask qualified questions during the interview.

I work with IT-related product management, which fits really well with my studies and enables me to improve my qualifications and skills in user-centered product development. I would highly recommend other Communication & IT students to apply for student jobs in this field. It also leads to good career opportunities after graduation.

It also leads to good career opportunities after graduation

A day on the student job

08:00 I show up. It takes an hour using public transportation to travel from Vesterbro to Lautrupparken in Ballerup, where I work. I beep in past the automatic security checks and supply myself with bread and freshly brewed coffee from the canteen.

I start by checking e-mails and try to find out if there are any other messages for me. Then I speak to different product owners to find out if they have any issues that require my immediate attention. My department develops and manages the caring platform KMD Nexus, that is used in many
municipalities to create a coherent effort in areas concerning health and social care.

I perform many different types of tasks related to the platform. I specify new features – for example authoring specifications like user stories and create prototypes in Axure, that I convey to the developers. I write down documentation, like manuals etc. and I might be assigned to decode support cases.

12:00 I eat a huge warm meal in our canteen, along with hundreds of colleagues. Then I fill myself with huge quantities of coffee to combat a creeping food coma. Then I continue my work.

16:00 It is the end of my working day. I start my journey back to Copenhagen, (perhaps after a quick game of foosball.

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