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See the photos: KUA as a hall of mirrors

She has specialised her Instagram postings in mirrored images of the University of Copenhagen's facades, especially the new Faculty of Humanities buildings at KUA. Here is a selection of her work

The University Post caught up with Seyma Sert Altay, instagram user name Serte, who is originally from Turkey, to let us in on her inspiration.

“I think it is all the endless facades that has motivated me. I am writing my master’s thesis and at some point you feel like giving up. But when you go around Kua, Kubis, and the other campuses, and take a big breath and look up, you see the endless facades. This inspires you to imagine the future, your dreams, like there is something better waiting for you,” Seyma explains to the University Post.

You just have to “go beyond the facades and grab them [dreams, ed.], ’cause they wait at the end of the facades :)” Seyma writes to the University Post.

Remember to use #UCPH

“Something I have noticed. People don’t share the beautiful facades on social media, I think we should. I have many followers from Turkey on instagram, because my background is Turkish, and all of them are very,very inspired by our scandinavian architecture. KUA deserves to be shown to the whole world!”

Asked by the University Post what she thinks we should call this series, her suggestion was ‘Kuaflection’. So here it is, Kuaflection. Click below and browse!

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