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Shake up of Danish government appointed advice on research and funding

A newly established Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy is to advise the ministry and parliament on trends in research and technology. New 'Innovation Foundation' arises

A new high-powered government-appointed council is to be part of a restructure of higher decision-making science and research. This is what can be concluded from a Ministry of Higher Education and Science release.

The new council, the Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy, or Danmarks Forsknings- og Innovationspolitiske Råd (DFIR) in Danish, is intended as an independent institution advising the minister and parliament on matters of research, innovation, and technology. It will replace the Danish Council for Research Policy, which had a narrower remit.

The members of the council are appointed by Minister of Education Sofie Carsten Nielsen and are meant to be independent of political and institutional interests.

Restructure of innovation

The appointed members come from various institutions, both public and private, and include Maja Horst, Head of Department at the Department of Media, Cognition, and Communication at the University of Copenhagen. Chairman of the new council is the former Rector of the University of Southern Denmark, Jens Oddershede.

Technology and innovation policy will be in the mandate of the newly instituted council. It will be in tandem with ‘Denmarks Innovation Foundation’, which will arise out of the former Danish Council for Strategic Research (DSF), the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation (HTF) and the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation (RTI).

While the Innovation Foundation will be concerned with distributing funding, the Council for Research and Innovation Policy will operate on a strategic level and provide advice on policy matters.

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