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Spring festival - much more than music

Guide — Bikstok, Bisse, Sort Sol. And many more bands. The Spring Festival's musical lineup needs no further introduction. So here's a taste of everything else you can experience at the festival on Friday.

The huge X in your calendar on Friday 5th May at 14.00 means you are looking forward to the University of Copenhagen’s big Spring Festival. It will be sunny, there are three scenes, there are big names – and music for all tastes.

But there is also a lot of other stuff. Here we present everything that will take place on the festival site, so you can draw your own itinerary between what you need the most when you want to rest your ears. The list is in chronological order.

Human tower

The ambition of the Spring Festival is to bring together all University of Copenhagen students and staff. Trust in the community brings strength – and if you want to feel this on your own body, visit the human tower. Here 20 cool tower builders will demonstrate the wild towers they can construct with their own bodies and offer the audience to take part in the ancient Catalan tradition.

Time: 14:15-15:15. Place: Festival square

KU Talks

Perhaps you know TED Talks, where big thinkers discuss big matters in catchy soundbytes. At the festival, the Student Council presents the first of a number of KU Talks.

Time: 14:30-15:30. Place: Festival square

Fusion sketch

The season for gifted student revues is just over. Here is a Greatest Hits parade of all the revues merged together, which each year entertains with both insider academic references and social criticism.

Time: 14:30-15:15. Location: TOTEM

Active Student Prize

The Tuborg Foundation offers DKK 25,000 in nice sponsorship to a student-driven project that makes a difference for other students. The prize is awarded at the Spring Festival.

Time: 16:00. Location: FREKVENS

Chemistry show

Kemishow, arkivfotoChemistry is a photogenic discipline, especially when this group of lab-coated chemistry students present their spectacular show with wild colours and crazy explosions.

Time: 16:15-16:45. Location: BJØRNHOLM

Sharing Knowledge

You can experience the new Niels Bohr Building in virtual reality and meet people from Copenhagen Science City – who will gladly take your tips on better outdoor facilities and infrastructure. They will entice you with a Sharing Knowledge glow stick bracelet for a neon night.

Time: 15: 00-17: 00. Place: Festival Square


The sharpest teams in the battle between study programmes have played themselves to the finals.

14:40-15:30: The first of two final matches are played on the festival site. Studymates and live commentators will contribute to the good atmosphere on the grass.

16:20-17:10: The finals. Come and help your favorites win the cup.

17:20-17:25: Sweat will still be glistening on foreheads when the champions of the year receive the cup at FREKVENS.

Sport with KU Studenteridræt student sports

Take a game of volleyball, or roast a marshmellow while listening to all your options for playing sports with fellow students.

Time: 15:00-17:00. Place: Festival square

Heal the World

The three so-called Innovations HUB’s – Sustainability Science Center, Climate-KIC, and Green Campus – invite you to their tent with the slogan Heal the World. Here you can taste insects, meet a sustainability researcher, and pitch your own idea on how UCPH can save the world. The later you swing past the tent, the better your ideas.

Time: 15:00-18:00. Place: Festival square


Probably the most hyped-up pop up bar in the Nørrebro district on Friday 5th. Meet your dean and tell her/him what you think about the conditions they are offering your faculty. Share a brew or gourmet slice from Gorms Pizza, exchange glow stick bracelets or something.

Time: 16:00-17:00. Place: Festival Square


Let’s quiz! The University Post’s KUizmaster will host a REALLY fair quiz about UCPH (yes that’s KU) and with general everyone-should-know-this knowledge. Any idiot with a smart phone can take part and win humble prizes and EVERLASTING fame.

Time: 16:30-17:15. Place: Festival square

Cider tasting

There will be no sweet stuff from the Somersby brand when students from OASEN on Frederiksberg Campus pop bottles of fresh homemade cider that have evolved from the deep basements under campus.

Time: 17:30-18:00. Place: Festival square

Copenhagen’s biggest speech contest

For the first time ever, the contest Epideictic Encounter will take place at University of Copenhagen’s Spring Festival. The selected – and very, very brave – speakers, some of whom are rhetoric students, will battle over their ability to seduce the audience with words. Epideictic Encounter is known for its high quality and great entertainment value.

Time: 17:45-18:30. Place: Festival square

Welcoming speech by Thomas Bjørnholm

He is Prorector for Research and Innovation, one of the festival’s founding fathers, and he has given his name to one of the scenes.

Time: 18:25. Location: TOTEM

Sweet Burlesque

Burlesque is a dramatised erotic dance that’s about teasing, not about stripping. The ensemble Sweet Burlesque is Denmark’s only professional Burlesque group, with no fewer than 200 company parties on its CV, in addition to the Distortion festival. Bonus info: The dancers have been selected to participate in Britain’s Got Talent.

Time: 21: 45-22: 15. Location: BJØRNHOLM

The music continues until kl. 02:00. Your ID card is the bracelet that gives you free access to the festival area in the Universitetsparken. See you there under the bright green leaves of the blooming beech trees.