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Student admission numbers edge up at the University of Copenhagen

Admissions 2023 — The University of Copenhagen has seen a slight increase in the number of applicants, and pretty much the same number of admitted new bachelor students as last year. The number of women continues to increase.

New female bachelor’s degree students at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) are on average 22.7 years old, and converge on courses like psychology, medicine, law and humanities degree programmes.

Male bachelor’s degree students are a tad older, 23.1 years old on average, and take up most of the student places on economics and computer science. They are underrepresented in the health and medical sciences.

7,180 new bachelor students have been offered a place at UCPH — almost the same as 2022, with 7,161 students.


Danish grade scale goes from -3 to 12.

1. Psychology: 11.0

2. Molecular biomedicine 10.9

3. Political science: 10.5

4. Anthropology: 10.5

5. Medicine: 10.4

6. Insurance Mathematics: 10.4

7. Veterinary medicine 10.3

8. Sociology: 10.3

9 Dentistry: 10.1

10. Cognitive and Data Science: 10.0

Year cohort 2023

There are clearly more women than men among the new bachelor’s degree students.

4,492 female bachelor’s degree students were admitted this year, compared to 4,406 last year. 2,688 male students were admitted, down from 2,769 last year.

Law has the highest admissions numbers (867) among the University of Copenhagen’s study programmes, Medicine comes in second with 648 admissions, while economics is third with 364 admitted students.

In terms of faculties, the Faculty of Science has the most students admitted (1,944), followed by the Faculty of Humanities (1,722) and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (1,364).

This reflects student choices: 5,755 applicants had marked the University of Copenhagen as their first priority.

1,537 applicants had the Faculty of Science as their first priority, while 1,248 applicants had Faculty of Humanities as their first priority, and 1,168 applicants opted for the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.