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Student life is also hula hoops and kayaks

Student sports — The students’ sports programme at the University of Copenhagen offers 270 different sports, ranging from kayakking to hula hoop teams. See the photos for inspiration and sign up if you want to join in.

More relaxing than mindfulness?


The sports association at the University of Copenhagen used to be called USG, but has now changed its name to KSI.

However, you still need to register at

Price examples:

Group training in hula hoops costs between DKK 600 and DKK 725. A normal kayak class costs between DKK 970 and DKK 1070, and for that you get weekly lessons for eight months.

On the kayak team you can get free training and at the hula hoop there is also the ‘Saturday dance’ where you can try out different dance styles.

The most fun place to be social on your study programme studio and make new friends?

The most healthy place to be if you like activity, both outdoors and indoors?

The student sports at KSI (university of copenhagen’s student sports) is about to resume a new year’s programme. There are 270 teams to choose from, with disciplines ranging from outdoor, martial arts, crossfit, yoga, ball games and dance.

In August, the University Post checked out the vibe at two of them – a kayak class and a hula hoop class.

First, the hula hoop training


Now the class is in full swing. It takes place in a large, bright room at Nørre Allé 51, at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports.
image: Anders Fjeldberg
Instructor Mia Panduro with a flower in her hair - here there is absolutely no yelling and screaming instruction like on a fitness team. Everything is explained quietly and the music is a rock'n roll American 1950s style – just as it was two Americans who invented the plastic hula hoops for children in 1958. The following year they sold 100 million of them, says Mia Panduro.
image: Anders Fjeldberg
Here the participants have two hoops going at once. This requires coordination, concentration and fitness. With this, you cannot ‘just do it’.
image: Anders Fjeldberg
To make it just a little bit more difficult, the participants must also play ball together as they twirl the hoop around their waists.
image: Anders Fjeldberg
The room is a really good place to work out, and there is room here for 25 hula hoopers when the student sport season really gets going in September.
image: Anders Fjeldberg

-and then in kayaks from Holmen to the Little Mermaid

We now jump into the big outdoors to the old gunboat shed kanonbådskur 6 on the Holmen. Here a kayaking class meets up once a week for training.

It seems like the world’s most peaceful place when you just arrive, and the photographer was envious over not being able to paddle along with them.

The instructor is Kristian Engkilde.

The kayaks are in the gunboat sheds, and from the quayside there is only ten centimetres down to the water today, so this is perfect.
image: Anders Fjeldberg
The others in the class are already in the water, and they waiting to get started with a warmup before the kayaking trip of the day goes out to the Little Mermaid.
image: Anders Fjeldberg
One of the participants tries out the art of squeezing into a kayak.
image: Anders Fjeldberg