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Studenterhuset 2.0 - now noise insulated

The noise has been bothering the neighbours and Studenterhuset has been doing some fancy maintenance work to fix it. Now it opens again

Through July and August Studenterhuset has been closed to install new noise-insulating windows and build a new entrance area that is to be equipped with a swing door so the noise cannot get outside.

Student café Studenterhuset in Købmagergade is known for its concerts and other musical events, and has been a gathering place for students for many years and has managed to offer both interesting social and academic events.

But the noise has been bothering neighbors for some time now. Taking care of that sounds like a relatively easy project, but it has in fact been quite a long process, according to Studenterhuset.

“The changes have been under way for about two years and they had to be cleared with several authorities. The building is historically protected and any change to it must be approved and that is a long process. Also the funding had to be approved by the university which is supporting Studenterhuset,” explains Jacob Ørum, the director of Studenterhuset, .

IKEA grant for new study area stuff

He gave the University Post a tour and proudly presented the construction site. “The swing door is going to be installed in October, but everything else should be ready, when we open,” Jacob says.

New entrance in the making

Jacob Ørum also showed us the recently refurbished study area on the first floor, which has been equipped with new tables, chairs, and lamps with the help of a grant from furniture-group IKEA. The study area is open to everyone and especially students who live far away from the center of the city now have a cosy place to sit and do their homework and afterwards meet their friends without having to go home first.

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