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Associate professor: The world of research is »vicious«

Timing, serendipity, and networking. This was how Jakob Johan Demant — Head of Studies at the Department of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen — landed his permanent position in research. You need to know when to apply for jobs outside your network, he says. As you will not be rewarded for loyalty.


UCPH to hire a diversity and equal treatment consultant

A new consultant at the University of Copenhagen is to boost equality among genders and among Danish/international researchers.


Temporary staff: Assess the working conditions of precariat researchers

Chairman of the association for temporarily-hired researchers at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) is delighted with the fact that the Research Policy Council is to focus on PhDs’ difficult career paths. The next step could be a study whether the working conditions for younger researchers forces them to work for free and to show servility to permanent staff.


Researchers pressured to add authors to papers

Women and young researchers often write in co-authors who have not contributed significantly to their scientific articles. A new study reveals questionable conditions.


On the right, twisted, track

How does a mathematics student and aspiring forensic scientist end up working with victims of torture? Ahlam Chemlali, a master’s student from the University of Copenhagen, has fumbled, changed course and trusted her gut feeling. And along the way, this saved her life.