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Kevin Olesen


Danish universities now opened for all students – just as they leave for their exams

Political agreement moves to reopen the universities, so that all students may have in-person teaching from 21 May. For most students, however the exam period has already begun.


Universities sidelined, yet again, in Danish reopening

While Denmark is reopening slowly, students at the country's higher education institutions still do not know when campuses will open again. »They have almost been forgotten in the public debate,« says interest group Universities Denmark. Virologist does not expect Danish universities back to normal until after the summer holidays.


He is centre-right ... and leads one of the most left-wing student organisations in Copenhagen

Kevin Olesen went into student politics during the great blockade of 2019. On most issues, he agrees with Denmark’s Liberal Party, but on the Humanities Student Council he finds common ground with anarchists and Marxists.


After 38-day stand-off and negotiations: The Faculty of Humanities target plan

The merging of courses which set off the protests is not mentioned explicitly in the new target plan. However, according to the associate dean, this does not exclude the use of mergers in the future.


Two years was enough. Dean quits Faculty of Humanities. Management team up for replacement

After just two years on the job as dean of a hard-hit-by-budget-cuts Faculty of Humanities at the University of Copenhagen, Jesper Kallestrup is leaving his post to become a professor in Scotland. According to the Rector of the University of Copenhagen, Kallestrup has »attempted to discuss« the difficult choices that the faculty faces.