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Top 10: Here are the highest required grade point averages at the University of Copenhagen

Student intake — Psychology exceeds its own grade point average from last year and tops the list. Insurance Mathematics takes a second place, while Medicine is down from last year – this may, however, be due to an increase in admittance.

It seemed impossible but the grade point average needed for admission to Psychology this year exceeds last years average. None of the quota 1 admitted students have a grade point average below 11.8 on the Danish scale (A on the international scale).

Insurance Mathematics – the degree programme with the on average highest paid graduates – takes the second place on the list with 11.5 on the Danish scale – an increase of 0.2 from last year.

Medicine, on the other hand, is down a few spots on the list, possibly because the university this year has accepted an additional 100 students due to a political agreement.

The incredibly high – some would say inflated – grade point average is expected to decrease next year because the Danish parliament has agreed to cancel the so-called quick start bonus as of 2020. The new students are the last who are allowed to multiply their averages by 1.08 if they have taken two years or less off in between high school and university.

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Here are the 10 highest grade point averages at University of Copenhagen:

1. Psychology 11.8

2. Insurance Mathematics 11.5

3. Molecular Biomedicine 11.2

4. Medicine 11.1

– Political Science 11.1

– Anthropology 11.1

7. Veterinary Medicine 11.0

8. Odontology 10.8

9. Sociology 10.7

10. Social Sciences 10.4