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Top 10 volunteer jobs in Copenhagen

Volunteering does not only imply working for free and staying poor. A voluntary job can actually have a positive effect on your social life, career and even wallet. Want to know how? Here is an updated list of the University Post’s top 10 (actually 11!) volunteer jobs in Copenhagen

Volunteering your time might seem unimportant compared with finding a student job, but there are many benefits to be had in working for free. It can help you establish a social network, learn new skills to include on a CV and even score free stuff in the process. Even more important, is that many volunteer positions don’t require knowledge of the Danish language, making it easier to get involved right away.

So let’s start the countdown;

11. Get Sporty!

Copenhagen recently claimed the title as healthiest city in the world, so it’s no wonder the capital is home to a plethora of sporting events. There’s always an army of volunteers at hand to lift things off the ground and it’s a great excuse to get active.

Copenhagen half marathon needs volunteers for its annual event in September. Keep an eye on the Copenhagen half marathon website for more information.

Apart from that there are some annual events that you need to be aware of. There is the Copenhagen marathon every May, which always needs volunteers and is a huge event.

Also in May, charity race YOU RUN comes to Copenhagen in aid of the Danish Cancer Society, Doctors without Borders and many more. Volunteers are needed to assist the 3000-5000 participants.

10. Copenhagen Carnival

For one week at the end of May, carnival comes to town. It features a samba parade complete with Latin music and jazzy samba girls, as well as the city’s biggest international music festival. Musical events, held in specialty tents like Latin, reggae and electronic fusion, international food stalls and carnival games round out the fun.

Signing up to volunteer at the event ensures that you’ll be at the center of all the excitement and is a great way to kick off the summer. You’ll be paid in dirty dancing and this year’s first glimpse of sunshine.

Watch the website for sign-up information.

9. Special interest groups

Do you love sports or creating your own art? Want to connect with others who are just like you? You don’t have to do it alone!

As a member of a special interest group, you won’t just gain the opportunity for new friends and access to fun activities, but a chance to volunteer your time to the many responsibilities that are needed to keep these groups up and running. Instead of paying to keep your extracurricular activities in tact, you get to them for free.

The city is full of special interest groups looking for new members like the student-oriented LGBT group BLUS.

8. Passion for Fashion

Copenhagen is a style capital – and if you want to goggle at Denmark’s hottest outfits there’s only one answer, volunteer at Fashion Week.

The largest fashion event in the Nordic region, Copenhagen hosts industry movers and shakers twice a year in February and August. With the region’s best designers and the latest trends, this is a must for any fashionista. Look out for oppurtunities here.

7. Non-profit cafés

If you’ve been in Copenhagen more than a few weeks, chances are you’ve heard of non-profit café success Café Retro located both in Nørrebro and the city center. These cafés and the Red Cross café, Zusammen work with special social projects in places like India and Africa and is a unique and innovative concept that benefits many lives. Apart from meeting peers with hearts of gold, you’ll be drinking free fair trade coffee and waiting for summer to come along somewhere cozy and warm.

6. Soliciting for internships

Why not combine a job search with your volunteer efforts? Although there is a fine line between volunteering and interning, there are many companies in Copenhagen looking for part-time, unpaid workers. Volunteering for a while at a company may lead to network contacts and offers of future employment.

A further advantage of seeking out an internship or volunteer position unsolicited, means you won’t have to compete with hundreds of other applicants and you can set your own terms and working hours.

The best targets are non-profit organizations like The Røde Kors and start-ups which can be found under internships on the KU jobbank.

5. Studenterhuset

The Student House, Studenterhuset, is a nightlife staple for many university students. Students flock here for activities such as salsa and swing dancing, open mic nights and ipod battles, not to mention the array of discounted alcohol at the bar.

Becoming a volunteer at either the bar, or behind the scenes as a concert organiser only enhances the fun and puts you at the forefront of the city’s international student community.

As a volunteer you get bartending and work experience, discounted drinks and free entry to concerts to sweeten the deal. To sign up, check out their website.

4. Humanitarian aid organisations

Copenhagen contains a host of humanitarian organisations and many of the most important ones like Red Barnet Ungdom, UNICEF and IBIS have a huge presence in the city. This could be your contribution to world peace.

Students can be prepared to assist with a variety of volunteer tasks from fundraising for a particular cause, participating in a special language exchange at IBIS or volunteering with UNICEF to prepare emergency kits for victims of disaster like this project.

Check out their websites, UNICEF, Ibis and Red Barnet Ungdom for more information.

3. International schools

Put your unique academic or language skills to use as a volunteer in some of Copenhagen’s international schools. The Copenhagen International School in Hellerup, is currently recruiting new volunteers for tutoring positions in different academic subjects, especially French and German.

Besides helping a child’s education, active participation in a tutoring program might lead to more lucrative and permanent positions. You get practice your own language skills as well.

2. Student magazines and publications at the University of Copenhagen

Did you know that several departments at the University of Copenhagen host their own student publications and magazines? Many of them are looking for volunteer writers and editors such as the Institut for Psykologi’s Indput associated with the Department of Psychology and Scient , associated with the Faculty of Sciences.

These student magazines have many articles written in Danish but are open to accepting English submissions – giving International students an opportunity to practice their journalistic skills, add to your CV, voice your opinion, and get more involved with student life.

And there is of course our own, humble, University Post. We open up for new reporters, photo-reporters and anyone with a special skill that is needed in a newsroom every August and January.

1. Live Music

Get under the skin of Copenhagen’s music scene with backstage access, minus the ticket price, as a volunteer at the city’s music events and festivals.
Become a ‘Street Captain’ at Distortion festival – Copenhagen’s week-long party-tsunami of dance and music. Information available here:

Do you want a front row seat at one of Europe’s biggest music festivals? It’s an offer that’s hard to turn down and Roskilde Festival is popular – tickets go fast but you can jump the queue as a volunteer! Keep an eye on the Rosklde Festival website.

Something a little more laidback? Copenhagen’s renowned Jazz festival is also hunting for volunteers.

Find out more at CPH Volunteers

CPH Volunteers is an organisation which sends out a monthly newsletter to recruit for many exclusive events in the city that are in search of workers. Often times they also offer special perks such as free meals, loot or access to otherwise pricey events. To join, sign up at CPH Volunteers.

Do you have any volunteer suggestions for Copenhagen? Help our readers by adding them in the comment field below!