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Workshop on how to make a smartphone video documentary

Best videos will be selected to go to CPH:DOX. Studenterhuset event will provide the skills

Studenterhuset will collaborate with Everyday! and documentary film festival CPH:DOX to guide students in sharing their experience through documentary film. Their video workshop ”Tell Your Story!” will take place Saturday 10 October 2015.

Throughout the day, students will take part in various creative exercises and workshops. Experts will be present to guide students and give feedback during the process. From filming with a smartphone to editing footage, all the tools will be provided to create a short documentary film.

As Anders Morgenstierne from Everyday! explained to the University Post, the goal of this workshop is ”to notify people how easy it is to tell stories nowadays and get their stories out in the world, for instance by using a cell phone as a camera”.

Your film alongside the best at CPH:DOX

The workshop will provide students with the opportunity to express themselves in a new way and for some, the opportunity to be featured at CPH:DOX – one of Europe’s largest documentary film festivals. CPH:DOX takes place 5-15 November and features over 200 documentaries from all around the world. One of those could be yours!

Once the workshop is over and the final edits are complete, the best films will be selected and screened at CPH:DOX. All you need to take part in this unique opportunity is a smartphone and a story to share.

”We will proudly show off what people have made for Everyday! The best short movies will be shown at selected events at CPH:DOX festival,” says Morgenstierne.

Admission is free for students. Online registration and more information can be found on Studenterhuset website.

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