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You can now sign up as a candidate for the university elections

Election 2018 — Students and staff can stand for election until 30th October. You can already now see which forums you can vote in.

Staff and students who have a knack for engaging with their workplaces and study programmes can now sign up as a candidate for the university elections.

The bad news is that you cannot stand for election, or vote in, any forum. And yes, the rector’s position is already taken.

Students are to choose their representatives on the University Board, the academic councils, the boards of studies and the PhD committees.

Academic staff need to elect representatives to the academic council and boards of studies, and the technical-administrative staff need to elect representatives to the academic council.

It is possible, already now, to see which elections you are eligible to vote in. (requires login til KUnet)

How to stand for election

The requirements to run for office should not be a deterrent for anyone interested.

Important dates

1st October: The elections announced

22nd October: Deadline for objections over election rolls (candidate lists).

23rd October: The final election rolls on KUnet

30th October: Deadline for announcement of candidature.

7th November: Names of candidates announced.

14th November: Deadline for objections to candidates.

26th November: Voting starts at 10.00

30th November: Voting closes at 15.00

5th December: Election results announced at 12.30

If you want to stand for election to the University Board, it is a requirement that you have at least 25 nominators, who each have a right to vote. Employees’ representatives are not up for election this year.

For academic councils it is a requirement that you have a number of signatories nominating you, corresponding to at least 1/10 of all those eligible to vote, or by 25 signatories, whichever is the lowest number.

For study boards and PhD committees, you need a number of signatories corresponding to at least 1/10 of all those eligible to vote or 10 signatories, whichever is lower.

You can read more about the election regulations in the circular here. (Login required)

If you are standing for election, you sign up electronically via the candidate system here (requires login).

He is to be replaced

Students need to elect one of the two student representatives to the highest authority at UCPH the University Board.

The University Board is responsible for the university’s general framework, like for example the UCPH budget and overall strategy. It is also the University Board which is responsible for appointing the rector.

The students in the University Board are elected for a two-year period, and each year a new student representative replaces the one on the Board that has sat the longest.

This time round, it is Elias Westergaard, a student of economics, who is to be replaced, while law student Rebecca Ingemann Madsen continues.

This is what the councils and committees do

The academic council consists of academic staff representatives and student representatives, while the technical and administrative staff only have observer status.

The academic committees work on research, education and knowledge exchange strategies, compose academic committees that are to evaluate applicants for academic positions, confer PhDs and doctorates, and comment on academic matters that are significant to the activities of the faculty.

Study boards, that are made up of an equal number of representatives from academic staff and students, are responsible for organising the university’s study programmes.

The boards’ work involves quality assurance and enhancement of teaching, drawing up proposals for curricula, organising exams and processing applications for credit transfer and exemptions.

​PhD committees consist of representatives of the academic staff and the PhD students. They are responsible for approving PhD courses, processing applications for credits and exemptions for PhD students, and consulting the head of the PhD school.