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251 new youth homes to Copenhagen’s Amager district

Housing shortage — Eksercerpladsen or ‘military parade ground’ is the name of a new building with 251 youth homes close to the national TV broadcaster’s DR Byen complex. Construction is to be completed in 2018.

South Campus is one big construction site these days. A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about 97 new homes for young people to be built on Njalsgade street under the name of Bryggens Bastion. A little further out in the Amager district in the so-called Ørestad Nord, 251 new youth homes are to be built close to the DR Byen. The 17,000 square metres building will also accommodate ten penthouses, two cafés and a KIWI supermarket.

The building Eksercerpladsen is designed by the CF Møller architects and is being built by Calum A/S. The youth housing units in the building will be owned by Samvirkende Boligselskaber (SAB) while KAB will take care of the administration.

Prices from DKK 4,400 a month

One-room apartments of 35 square metres and two-room apartments of 50 square metres are to be constructed. There will be twice as many two-room apartments as one-room apartments, and the idea is that a couple can live in the dormitories, which in turn then become relatively cheap for the individual students.

»Prices will range between DKK 4,400 and DKK 4,500 a month, exclusive of utilities. It has been possible to build this many youth homes because property developer Calum A / S earns money from the penthouses that are being built on the top,” says Rolf Andersson, who is head of construction at KAB.

The homes at Eksercerpladsen are expected to be ready for occupation in the autumn of 2018. Read more about the project here.