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By the numbers: Here are this year’s least and most popular programmes

Admission — Medicine is once again at the top of the list, Odontology and Political Science are steadily climbing, and the trend of more women than men applying continues.

University of Copenhagen has just released the number of applications the individual undergraduate programmes at the university have received this year, and trends from previous years are still in effect.

With 2,625 applicants, Medicine is this year once again the most popular programme at the university – both in terms of the overall number of applications as well the number of priority 1 applications. And just like last year, Law and Psychology are up there as well with 2,411 and 1,803 applications respectively.

There is a wide gap between the most popular programmes and the group of programmes following them. Political Science (920) and Odontology (875) take fourth and fifth place respectively, while Economy (850) is out of the top five coming in at a sixth place.

At the other end of the scale, American Indian Languages and Culture find themselves coming in last, as was the case in 2018, with only 19 applicants.

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The two new programmes, Computer Science and Economy and Machine Learning and Data Science have received 330 and 297 applications respectively. That puts them at a 25th and 26th place on the overall list at University of Copenhagen.

After a few years with declining numbers, the total number of applications received at the university is up by close to five percent. Once again, more women then men have applied to programmes at University of Copenhagen. 10,313 applicants are women, while 6,149 are men.

The ten most popular programmes

1. Medicine – 2.625 applications

2. Law – 2.411

3. Psychology – 1.803

4. Political Science – 902

5. Odontology – 875

6. Economy – 850

7. Pharmacy – 785

8. Veterinary Medicine – 760

9. Anthropology – 722

10. Sociology – 702

The five least popular programmes

1. American Indian Languages and Culture – 19 applications

2. Greenalnd and Arctic Studies – 24

3. Modern India and Southasian Studies – 25

4. Portuguese and Brazilian Studies – 27

5. Ancient Greek – 28

5. Latin – 28

You can get an overview at University of Copenhagen’s website, where the numbers are categorized by priorities.