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Should your research be on our site?

Time to get yourself profiled on our science and research feature

Lab and Library is the University Post’s research section. Here is where we publish the inside stories from the University of Copenhagen’s many PhD and postdoctoral projects. Most of the pictures are taken, and all the articles are written, by the researchers themselves.

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This is a opportunity for a PhD student (you) to communicate your project to fellow PhDs and other readers (and a chance to bolster the ‘publications’ section of your CV).

How do I get on Lab and Library?

So how do I submit my research?

Say you are in the middle of an interesting piece of fieldwork. Maybe you are taking soil samples in Jutland, recording the sounds of a dialect in Vietnam, or even looking at distant galaxies in an observatory in Chile. Then just send us a picture or two, and we will send you a short list of questions about your research, to elicit any interesting stories or anecdotes you might have.

Maybe you are just at the office or laboratory – but on the brink of an interesting breakthrough. Then send us an e-mail and let us know.

E-mail us on and mark the e-mail Lab and Library, and we will get back to you.