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Student guide to the soup kitchens of Copenhagen

Short on money or too lazy to cook? Then head over to one of these seven soup kitchens or folkekøkken

You get home after a long day of studying. You’re hungry for dinner and the fridge is empty. You already had shawarma twice this week and you have absolutely no energy to go to Netto, let alone cook. So here is the solution. Let others do the cooking for you: show up, pay a small sum, and enjoy a delicious, healthy dinner at one of the many soup kitchens a.k.a. ‘folkekøkken’ in Copenhagen.

We have previously sent a reporter undercover to one of the semi-offical soup kitchens in Copenhagen that prefers to avoid press publicity. We have even sent a reporter out on a mission with some good folks finding food in dumpsters behind supermarkets.

But now we offer you this selection of official, open ‘folkekøkken’ restaurants covering all five working days.

Cheap eating in Kødbyen

So, let’s say the weekend is over, and Monday is upon us, filled with lessons, homework and with another four days until next weekend. Take the easy way and enjoy a nice ‘folkekøkken’ in the trendy surroundings of Kødbyen.

‘Food for human money’ is the slogan of this ‘folkekøkken’, and indeed, for only DKK 45 your stomach will be full. Popular dishes such as paella, spaghetti Napoli, and lasagna are usually on the menu. As an extra feature, this ‘folkekøkken’ offers take-away dinner, so you can consume your food wherever you like.

When: Mondays 17:30–20:00
Where: Slagtehusgade 5c, 1715 Copenhagen V
Price: DKK 45 for adults, DKK 30 for children under 12

Folkekøkken ‘Spisehuset’ in Kødbyen

Dinner in the red heart of Nørrebro

Loads of people come here every Tuesday to have dinner at The Red Square. Café le Rouge plays host to this big event every Tuesday, and the menu usually consists of popular dishes that will satisfy both adults and children, and both vegetarians and meat lovers. You pay DKK 49 for a plate, and then you are free to serve yourself at the buffet – no one leaves this place hungry! There is plenty of space inside, so the chances of getting a seat are good and when the weather allows it, people tend to take their dinner outside to sit on the square.

When: Tuesdays 17:30–20:30.
Where: Bragesgade 5, 2200 Copenhagen N
Price: DKK 49 for adults, DKK 30 for children under 10

Blågården’s local dinner

Take a stroll down the lively and energetic Blågårdsgade and end up at Korsgadehallen, where you can enjoy a lovely dinner and get updated with the latest news and events of the neighborhood. The dinner is often accompanied by small speeches from concert bookers, demonstration organizers, etc. announcing forthcoming events. There is plenty of space and there is always both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on the menu.

When: Tuesdays from 17:30 until there is no more food
Where: Korsgade 29, 2200 Copenhagen N
Price: DKK 50 for adults, DKK 25 for children

Students only!

Want to get a (very) cheap dinner and perhaps make some new friends at the same time? The ‘folkekøkken’ at Studenterhuset is for students only, the price for a food ticket is only DKK 25 (you can buy it at the bar from 18:00), and a vegetarian alternative is, of course, always offered. Afterwards people usually hang around for a beer and celebrate what the Danes call ‘little-little-Friday’. Remember your student card!

When: Wednesdays 19:00–21:00
Where: Købmagergade 52, 1150 Copenhagen K
Price: DKK 25 per person

Organic and socially responsible eating

The atmosphere is cozy and homelike, when Café Glad at Rentemestervej’s library opens its doors to a delicious dinner, consisting mostly of organic ingredients. Many families come to have dinner here in the middle of a busy week, relaxing while their children play in the adjoining children’s area. As always, you can choose between vegetarian or not (or have a bit of both). The concept of Café Glad is to include people in their staff with difficulties fitting into today’s demanding labor market (mostly handicapped people), as their slogan says ‘Everybody is good at something!’

When: Every other Thursday (uneven weeks) 17:30–20:30
Where: Rentemestervej 45-47, 2400 Copenhagen NV
Price: DKK 50 for adults, DKK 25 for children under 12

Vegan dinner at the Youth House

You don’t have to be an activist in order to join the ‘folkekøkken’ at the Youth House, but it is greatly appreciated, if you play an active part in cooking, which usually starts around 15:30. If you don’t have the time for that, you can just show up around 18:00 and enjoy the results. The menu is always 100 per cent vegan, made mostly of organic ingredients, and is served in the artistically decorated rooms of the Youth House.

When: Thursdays around 18:00
Where: Dortheavej 61, 2400 Copenhagen NV
Price: DKK 25 per person

Any more suggestions?

So that is it. Still hungry for more? Take a look also at our guide to healthy eateries.

But the seven ‘Folkekøkken’ venues above should cover most of your needs.