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Nanna's roomie got a severe depression: »It was our job to keep her alive«

Nanna Andersen's housing situation in Scotland turned out to be emotionally exhausting. But she still doesn’t regret going on exchange.


"Trying to fall asleep, I lay thinking about my studies for several hours.”

It started with insomnia and exam stress. Then came heart palpitations, chronic fatigue and irritation. After a tough semester Emil is now on sick leave with a depression. And he is, by far, not the only one.


Students stressed out over the race for grades

Every second student at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) experiences stress ‘often’ or ‘very often’ according to a new study from the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs DM. It is especially the examinations and the struggle for good grades that is the stress factor.


An inventor's triumph and frustration

A new treatment concept that uses pulsating electromagnetic fields can cure patients with chronic depression. But, according to the inventor, it is an open question whether Denmark is too conservative for something so new to win over the health system.


Be happy, please!

In his PhD dissertation, Mikkel Krause Frantzen has studied how depression is depicted in literature and art. The works about the essence of depression provide both insight into the disease and into the society we live in.


Sofie got depressed and took sick leave. She lost her grant and welfare benefits

It came as a shock to a graduate student that she could neither receive a Danish SU study grant nor any welfare payments when she went on sick leave. Patient association criticizes UCPH counselling on the issue