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Medical dilemmas and moral hangovers: »In the future, you will drink less alcohol at Danish intro camps, I'm sure of that«

For decades, the traditional Danish ‘rustur’ intro camp on the medicine programme has been shrouded in mystery and nervous excitement for thousands of new students. But the intro camp community is in transition throughout the country. The same goes for social etiquette and public debate. The University Post followed the intro camp tutors on the medicine programme to find out how an intro camp is organised, and how limits are defined on a study programme that, by definition, crosses people’s limits.


In defence of the student who defended a worm


By the numbers: Here are this year’s least and most popular programmes

Medicine is once again at the top of the list, Odontology and Political Science are steadily climbing, and the trend of more women than men applying continues.


Cholera kills in Africa – Gildas fights it in Copenhagen

27-årige Gildas Hounmanou arbejder med sin ph.d. på Københavns Universitet for at kunne vende tilbage til sit hjemland Benin og bekæmpe de mange udbrud af kolera i hele Afrika.


An inventor's triumph and frustration

A new treatment concept that uses pulsating electromagnetic fields can cure patients with chronic depression. But, according to the inventor, it is an open question whether Denmark is too conservative for something so new to win over the health system.