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Student life

Inflation: One out of every ten Danish young people has skipped a meal to save money

Food price hikes are not only leading to student stomach ache. They are lowering the quality of life, and having them use up their savings. This is according to a new consumer survey of Danish young people between the ages of 18 and 30.


Proposals: Convert Danish student grants to loans, cap grade requirements

A one-year master's degree programme, a new admissions system, and the famed Danish student grants converted to loans on master’s degree programmes. These are some of the recommendations that a commission presented Wednesday.

Academic life

How to live on a student budget in Copenhagen

Start brewing your own coffee, quit buying kebabs on your way home from a night out, and get creative with your gifts for friends and family. Here is the ultimate guide to living on a student budget in expensive Copenhagen.


Why economists want to change the Danish SU student grants: 3 arguments

The chairmanship of the Danish Economic Council, the so-called economic wisemen, are not against the Danish SU student grant system. But Denmark gives too much of it away, they write in a new report. A more fair system would turn part of the SU grant into a loan, they say.


Derfor vil vismændene lave SU'en om til lån: 3 argumenter

De økonomiske vismænd er ikke imod SU, men de skriver i ny rapport, at Danmark giver for meget af den væk. Det retfærdige ville være at lave en del af SU'en om til lån, lyder det.


Sofie got depressed and took sick leave. She lost her grant and welfare benefits

It came as a shock to a graduate student that she could neither receive a Danish SU study grant nor any welfare payments when she went on sick leave. Patient association criticizes UCPH counselling on the issue