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Schrödinger's notebooks are full of mistakes and dead end ideas. That is why more people should read them


»A pearl«: Professor reviews Nobel Prize winner's book on the quirks of physics

The University Post asked physics professor Mogens Høgh Jensen to review the new book 'Inside a murmuration of starlings — the beauty of complex systems' by the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Giorgio Parisi.


VIDEO: Ukrainian PhDs at physicists' celebration: »Russia's attack is also an attack on science«

Two Ukrainian PhD students called on scientists throughout the world to stand with the Ukrainian people at the celebration of the Niels Bohr Institute's birthday. See their speech here.

Academic life

Physics students given maths students' exams: »I thought it was just me that was stupid or something«

An exam in science theory for physics at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) descended into chaos as students were given the wrong set of exam questions. After a confusing process, the exam was finally cancelled.


100 years of the Niels Bohr Institute: »Now we have moved on, and work on what will shape the future«

The Niels Bohr Institute is 100 years old. Through the course of these years, the research has moved from blackboards to quantum computers. But an informal, anti-hierarchical spirit from the times of Bohr is still present.


The top 10 most cited scientific articles from Denmark

The University Post has extracted the most cited articles — all time — by scientists associated with Danish universities from a key citation database. The names and articles at the top of this list might surprise you.


Lecturer of the year at the Faculty of Science gives his students limericks and butterflies

In only a few years, Troels C. Petersen's course in statistics at the Niels Bohr Institute has become the most popular on North Campus. His dedication and teaching-style attracts students from throughout the university, and he has now been elected Lecturer of the Year at the Faculty of Science.


Students get easier complaints procedure for sexual harassment at Faculty of Science

A new simple complaints procedure is to be introduced for unwanted sexual attention from staff and fellow students at the Faculty of Science.