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1948: Creation & Catastrophe

Foredrag — NASIM and Humanity 4 Palestine invites you to a unique screening of the documentary "1948: Creation & Catastrophe" followed by an interview with Israeli historian and activist, Eitan Bronstein about the present view on the transformative events leading up to the creation of Israel in 1948.


Date & Time:

University of Copenhagen (South Campus), Amager
Karen Blixens Vej 4, 2300 Copenhagen S

Hosted by:
NASIM & Humanity 4 Palestine



1948 was a pivotal year for both the Palestinian people and the Jewish population living in British Mandatory Palestine. Israel’s declaration of independence in May 1948 was inextricably bound up with the dispossession and displacement of about 750,000 Palestinians, an event more commonly known as the Nakba (“catastrophe” in Arabic).

NASIM and Humanity for Palestine will be screening the documentary 1948: Creation & Catastrophe (released in 2018) which centers on both Israeli and Palestinian firsthand witness accounts of these events while a handful of prominent experts in the field such as Ilan Pappé, Benny Morris and Nur Masalha provide context from both sides of history.

After the screening we will be joined by Eitan Bronstein Aparicio for an interview about his newest book Nakba in Hebrew – A Political Journey and visibility of narrative in a highly political climate. The book (released only in Hebrew and French for now) deals primarily with the transformation of Nakba discourse in 21st century Israel.

Eitan Bronstein Aparicio (b. 1960) is an Israeli historian and was one of the founders of the Israeli organization Zochrot in 2002. Now he leads the Israeli organization De-Colonizer focused on promoting Nakba awareness in Jewish Israeli society. This event will be moderated by Anas Kababo.

For more information about the documentary, click here: https://www.1948movie.com


4.30-4.45 PM: Introduction

4.45-6.10 PM: Screening of the documentary 1948: Creation & Catastrophe (directed by Andy Trimlett and Ahlam Muhtaseb – 85 minutes)

6.10-6.20 PM: Break

6.20-7.00 PM: Interview with Eitan Bronstein

7.00-7.30 PM: Q&A session


Date: Wednesday, August 14th, 4.30-7.30 PM

Place: University of Copenhagen (South Campus), Amager
Address: Karen Blixens Vej 4, 2300 Copenhagen S
Auditorium: 23.0.50, building 23

This event is free of charge and registration is not required.