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Africa Seminar: Women, Power and Partnership: A Conversation Zimbabwe in Focus

Seminar — CAS and KULU have partnered to explore questions related to Women, Power and Partnership in Africa, with a special focus on Zimbabwe. To reflect on such questions, the event brings into conversation differently positioned yet linked contributors, all with some relationship to past and present dynamics of women, power and partnership in Zimbabwe.


Date & Time:

Centre of African Studies, Kirkegaard Auditorium, Ground Floor Building 09, UCPH South Campus

Hosted by:
The Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen and KULU (Women and Development) Denmark


KULU – WOMEN and DEVELOPMENT (KULU) and the CENTRE OF AFRICAN STUDIES (CAS), University of Copenhagen, invite you to: Women, Power and Partnership: A Conversation. Zimbabwe in Focus.

Registration encouraged at: kulu@kulu.dk


Hope Chigugu:
Feminist activist and expert in feminist movement building and leadership development, Zimbabwe and Uganda

Bjørn Førde:
Writer and development practitioner within the NGO and UN sectors

Janice G Førde:
Chairperson of KULU and gender and development consultant

The conversation will be moderated by Amanda Hammar, Professor of African Studies at the Centre of African Studies, Zimbabwean, and former development practitioner