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Asia and Africa in Transition

Konference — 125 experts on the linkages between Asia and Africa will join University of Copenhagen’s new international conference ‘Asia and Africa in Transition’ on 28-30 June 2021. Explore topics related to agricultural developments, urbanization, infrastructure, political and social unrest, foreign investments and demographic challenges, just to mention a few. Registration is free and open until 25 June 10:00 CEST. Everybody is welcome to join. 3 days, 3 keynotes, 22 panels The conference stretches over three days and participants can join online no matter where in the world they are. The conference also allows for physical attendance at University of Copenhagen’s South Campus for those present in Copenhagen (Corona pass is a requirement). Three invited keynote speakers will address the linkages between Asia and Africa: • 28 June, 11:30 (CEST): CK Lee, Professor of Sociology at UCLA: "Global China and its Discontents: Lessons from Zambia and Hong Kong" • 29 June, 11:15 (CEST): Reiner Klingholz, Former Director of the Berlin Institute for Population and Development: “Demographic Challenges and Opportunities in Asia and Africa”. • 30 June, 11:15 (CEST): Jonathan Rigg, Professor and Chair in Human Geography at the University of Bristol: “Deciphering the meantime in an era of climate change” The conference is opened by University of Copenhagen’s Rector, Henrik Wegener, and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Kirsten Busch Nielsen. During the three days the participants can dive into 22 panels, including 4 roundtables. The panel conveners represent all six faculties of the University of Copenhagen and have presenters and speakers from across Asia, Africa, Europe and US. About the conference Asia and Africa, with a population of 4.6 billion and 1.3 billion respectively, represent about 80 percent of the world’s population. Linkages between Asia and Africa have a transformative impact across the globe in areas ranging from economic development, health care, climate to politics and entertainment. This conference places Asia-Africa engagement as a focal point but also explores the diverse transitions that are occurring within each continent. Read more about the programme on the conference website here: https://asiandynamics.ku.dk/asia-and-africa-in-transition/ Register for free before 25 June, 10:00 CEST Registration is open until 25 June. All registered participants will receive a link and a password to the conference’s online platform 25 June. Remember to indicate if you will attend in person. Contact: If you have any questions, please write asia-africa-2020@ku.dk or call Marie Yoshida from Asian Dynamics Initiative on +45 35 32 95 21


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South Campus, University of Copenhagen

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University of Copenhagen, UCPH Global